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Carol working in Honduras “I have been a client of Karen’s since 2000, after having had bilateral knee replacement surgery. Not only did Karen help me rehabilitate with her expertise as a physical therapist, she also was able to apply her skills as a massage therapist, her extensive training in other therapies, and her holistic approach towards health and wellness.  After having been unable to work for 6 months in a very busy job involving weekly travel, I was able to return to work for 5 more years, until I retired from this full time position.           
In July, 2005, I began to participate in Qi Gong and Feldenkrais classes with Karen, and continued private therapy sessions as well, enabling me to continue to have an active life as a senior adult, despite significant osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and an unfortunate auto accident. Karen contributed significantly  to enable me to serve as an RN for three Medical Mission trips to Honduras, where I cared for hundreds of patients in need. I’ve also been able to remain active as an RN, wife, mother and grandmother as I have gotten older. I am convinced that Karen has been instrumental in helping me to continue to have a rewarding and productive life.”
April at Bryce Canyon, Utah
Hi Karen,
I can’t believe how much better I feel!  Thank you :-)
We hiked a figure 8 hike in the “amphitheater” on these 2 trails and it was just beautiful. Maybe you can work Bryce Canyon into your Utah trip??

“My experience in Bones for Life classes has been life changing for me.  To have the awareness of how my skeletal moves and how it stabilizes and supports my core strength has changed how I sit, walk, and lift.  I am forever grateful to Karen Swift for her guidance and facilitation of Feldenkrais and these classes.”
Rita Federico

Hi Karen,
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated being part of the Bones/Feldenkrais classes. I'm just back from my 4th week of OT after my rotator cuff repair surgery. I attribute how well I'm doing to your teaching - I've been using the strategy of having my healthy arm do the given exercises to teach the healing arm and it is working for me. My ability to straighten my arm or bend my arm in all those planes you OT/PT people measure are way better than expected! There is the added bonus of your voice . . . "Would you . . . ? Could you . . . ? What if . . . .? Small movement . . ." sighing in my head, guiding me through tough movements so I come out safely on the other side.

Your classes are a gift that keeps giving.
Baraka Bashad, Marty

"Karen Swift is an exceptional healer and educator.  Her mastery of the Feldenkrais method and related manual therapies has been a vital resource for me in addressing both acute and chronic physical issues.  More importantly, she has helped me develop an ongoing movement practice that allows me to maintain and expand my own structural health and well-being.  I am very grateful for her knowledge, her skills, and her caring.”
Joseph H. Miller, M.S.W.
"In the fall of 2013 I started attending Karen’s classes. The class on Core Strength has helped me tremendously. Learning proper sitting positions has decreased the pain I would feel in my lower back. Working proper sitting positions and aligning my core has eliminated pain in my ankle and hip areas. Becoming more aware of how my body should move is beneficial at this mid stage of my life to help prevent injury and increase my flexibility and balance. Using the deep breathing techniques I learned from Karen helped me endure the pain while passing kidney stones.”
Jennifer Veit