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Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Classes

• Easy & playful movement explorations into sensing-moving-thinking-imaging

• Improve how you move in ordinary daily activities-from breathing to walking

• Gain awareness of your habitual neuromuscular patterns

• Develop efficient and flexible movement

• Enjoy better posture and breathing, reduced tension, less stress & fatigue

• Reduce pain and stiffness


Feldenkrais® - Bones, Balance and Being Classes

• Stimulate bone strength through natural movement and weight-bearing posture

• Discover truly efficient posture that involves your whole body

• Transmit energizing vibrations to your bones with springy, rhythmic movements

• These movement processes are fun and dynamic

• Improve your bone health and movement efficiency


Sheng Zhen Qi Gong

• A therapeutic movement process for the promotion of health and longevity

• Balance your Qi – a subtle substance within the body that regulates all functions

• Learn flowing mindful movements done in sitting and standing positions

• Pleasurable movement sequences improve flexibility, balance, strength, and alignment

• Enhance organ function by stimulating the mobility of the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys

• Cultivate physical vitality and inner harmony through joyful self-healing movements


Sounder Sleep System™ - Sleep Yoga

Relax your body – Calm your mind – Be lulled to sleep

• Learn Mini-Moves® an elegant system of gentle movements and breathing techniques

• Create the optimal sleeping conditions for you to get a good night’s rest

• Better manage the internal responses to the daily stress that often interfere with sleep